Hunttington Disease

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Huntington gene is very important because this disease affects people in this world often.Huntington is also called Chorea which comes from Greek meaning dance. This is derived from the uncontrollable movement that occurs from this disease. Geroge Huntington a Medical and Surgical Reporter first publicized in the Philadelphia Journal this disease. Onset is usually around age 35-45 and death some 15-20 years later and affects about 1 in 2500 adults. Event though it generally arises in middle age to late adulthood in some rare cases juvinile from which about 10% of juveniles with Hunttington diesase show affects of the diesease before age 20.In order to understand this disease there must be an understanding of how it works( Huntington…show more content…
This disease does not skip generation. Individual inheritng the Huntington disease gene develop signs of illness slowly. Sometimes it can go unobserved and noticed for years. The age when signs are noticed is directly correlated to the expansion size of Huntington. Physical symptom of the disease includes lack of coordination, uncontrolled movements and problems with eating and swallowing. This will cause for a need of a nurse or all day care of the person because they will not be able to perform task on their own. Behavioral problems are said to come from damage to the brain as the disease progress frustration and depression has a serious affect on the person. Everyone does not go through the same sypmptom people are affected differently. The disease can consist of : clumsiness, uncontrolled continual muscular contractions, loss of balance, slurred speech, walking difficulty and stumbling, and falling. The Cognitive aspect consist of judgment, memory deteriorated. The ability to focus become extremely hare. The ability to answer question and reading becomes a painstaking task if it is accomplished. Huntington also creates inability to enjoy life and lack of energy. Sometime delusions and hallucination, paranoia, and bad behavior occurs. After age 50 some people may suffer depression rather than anger or irritability. These symptoms affects many parts of the human body that why we need a medical answer to prevent and stop this disease. People in families with high percentages of Huntington don’t have a promising future even the children are at risk. The most positive point is that this disease can be screened for so people can have early relief to whether they have the disease or not. A mother has the option to having the test on a newborn but if the diagnostic is performed the mother will be faced with the choice with having an abortion or keeping

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