Medical Insurance Fraud Research Paper

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“Because We Can”, Reason Enough… Fertile Ground for Medical Insurance Fraud By Kenneth W. Williams Insurance in its inception was designed to further economic gains through providing security and quelling economic insecurity. By also bridging income inequality, medical insurance enabled the vast majority to lead normal lives regardless of their health disparities and conditions. Medical Insurance fraud cost U.S. residents billions of dollars every year. When health care fraud is perpetrated, the health care provider passes the costs along to the consumer/clients/customers. Because of the frequency of health care fraud, statistics now show that $.10 of every dollar spent on health care goes toward paying for fraudulent…show more content…
In other crime types once the intent is created it is followed by the execution of the act. The intent and act is not misinterpreted. In contrast, due to the element of disguise in white-collar crime the intent is blurred and frequently can only be obtained by interpretation. (Stephen Rosoff, 2010) White-collar criminals can only be successful if the victim is ignorant and negligent. Key differences between white-collar crime and other types of crime is that white-collar crime generally requires the victim to comply in being victimized in contrast to murder, robbery, assault or rape. The distinction is other types of crime create a clear representation there has been a violation, despite the fact that the identity of the person responsible may not be…show more content…
To begin with, medical insurance fraud, as with regular white collar crimes, contains the intent to commit a wrongful act or to achieve a purpose ambiguous to the law or public policy. Under the disguise of reason or mal- intent, the executor can take full advantage of the victim, depending on how well versed the perpetrator. Compliance by victim in what he/she believes to be the true nature and substance of the deal and concealment of the crime are key factors. By preventing the victim from realizing that he/she has been wronged makes for a successful medical insurance scam. (Stephen Rosoff,

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