Forensic Fraud-Dr. Ralph Erdmann: a Panoply of

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S. Elizabeth Koppel Criminalistic Science CRJ 165 Dr. Ralph Erdmann: A Panoply of Problems There is a disease spreading throughout the Forensic Science field. More and more we are hearing of new cases involving a wide range of professions within the field of forensic science. Allegations, which lead to multiple charges of instances in which they demonstrated falsehoods. From the Crime Labs to those who work independently, contracting out their services, they have let this disease fester and grow. Moreover, like any cancer, it does not discriminate. As a result, it is killing the careers and the reputations of scientists, law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and the like. What is worse, many of them have been in their respective fields of employment for many years escaping any detection of malfeasance proving that this disease can be silent, but deadly. Those who involve themselves in the unsavory practices of fraud in the Field of Forensics are bringing these bacteria of bad behavior into our courtrooms and giving fraudulent misrepresentations in their findings and testimonies when asked to be an “expert witness” by prosecutors. Both prosecutors and law enforcement, sometimes knowingly ignore this behavior, in hopes that their testimony will secure a conviction in their favor. Law enforcement who work closely with the crime lab in their department will often try to influence Pathologists to tailor their analysis and testing of evidence to suit their needs in assurance of a solid conviction. Consequently, Pathologists are criminally mishandling and presenting false testimony of the evidence and tests. Regardless of their underpinning of excuses, we must find some means of addressing these issues on a broader scope within the criminal justice system. Dr. Ralph Erdmann is a prime example of one who would

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