Media Hype is Necessary

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What is news? Dog biting man or man biting dog. Respected teachers, judges, distinguished guests and dear friends, I stand here to speak for the motion. At the outset, I am surprised in the times when my learned opponents have picked information for todays’ discussion from the very media that they are criticising. Before we go any further let us analyse today’s topic of discussion - Media hype is necessary. Is media necessary? Is media hype? Let me answer it one by one Year 2005, the International Year of Physics reminds us, among other things, of the way in which Einstein became famous. In spite of all his remarkable scientific results, without the contribution of the press he would not have become so well known in the entire world as he was and continues to be after a century. And he is not the unique example of celebrity due to mass media; see Carl Sagan or Stephen Hawking. In 1969 the first man stepped on the Moon. It was maybe the first cosmic event, which became famous due to a live TV broadcast. Media is hype? Media is Window. It has undoubtedly provided people with a continual, easy to access update of what is happening in the world around us. There is privacy in the communication that allows us to absorb the information without having to interact with anyone else or be part of it. This is especially significant when we are informed of major events in the world around us eg. Natural disasters or updates on warring nations other than our own. Although the events may be of major consequence to the people who are involved, watching it on the news doesn’t necessarily provide a ‘call to action’ for all people. To some it is purely ‘knowing for knowing’ sake. Media is a mirror. The media makes us feel secure that our opinions or feelings about particular subjects are right or are similar to others. It can provide the necessary information to use in the

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