How Did Tycho Brahe Contribute To Astronomy

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Major Contributors to Astronomy Tycho Brahe is known for his accurate and comprehensive astronomical and planetary observations.Tycho Brahe was a Danish nobleman that made vital contributions to astronomy by inventing instruments to observe the sky before the invention or the telescope. In ancient times, Greeks believed that the sky was unchanging and that the stars they saw in the sky had been there since the beginning of time. On November 11, 1572 Tycho saw a star in Cassiopeia that he had never seen before. After a seeing of observations, he realized it was a supernova, which is a death of a massive star. His observations of planetary motion, mostly that of Mars, gave important data for astronomers to come, like Kepler. This helped us construct our model of the solar system we use today. The calculation that if the Earth moves then the stars are at least 700…show more content…
At first the heliocentric model was not widely accepted because people always thought the Earth was at the center. The telescope helped people accept the way the universe actually is. In the early 1600’s, the telescope was invented. Although Galileo did not invent it, her did make it famouse. He built his own telescopes and was the first to use to view the heavens in 1610. After doing so, he made many discoveries. He saw that Jupiter has moon orbiting around it, like the Earth. He made the discoveries of the four moons on January 7, 1610 and they are now called the Galilean moons. These are the largest of Jupiters moons. He also saw that Venus has phases such as our moon does. This discovery, that Venus has phases, of Galileo helped proved that Venus orbits the sun. With all the discoveries Galileo was finding, more and more people came to accept the heliocentric model. Many people referred to the change of their view point of the universe as the Copernican

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