Nimrud Lens: The Invention Of The Telescope

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November 26, 2012 A Quick History of the Telescope Since the dawn of the era of mankind, we have looked to the sky in awe and wonder. Even then, the earliest civilizations had a basic understanding of the importance of the sun’s affect on the earth, which is most likely the cause of the majority of early religions being not-so-loosely based around the life giving sun. It wasn’t until the early 17th century that man would see the skies in a whole new light, with the invention of the telescope. The invention of the telescope allowed man to finally observe the sky in a way that the early Greek philosophers could only dream of. Although the telescope was an extremely important invention for the study of the skies, it never could have been done without the invention of the lens.…show more content…
The lens is now resting in the British museum and has been dated to be around 3,000 years old (History). It has not been confirmed that the Nimrud Lens was an actually used as a “lens,” some believe that it was just a part of an ornamental piece of furniture (History). Either way, there have been other similar findings around the world including a lens found in Crete, that was dated to 5th century BC, that was more powerful and made of better quality (History). It wasn’t until the 13th century that the Greeks were introduced to the lens

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