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Christian Flores WRC 1013-08 Ms Hudson October 16, 2012 Apollo 11 The myth busters are a group of scientist and special effects professionals that work together to solve their viewers questions about modern myths that deal with special effects for example, Apollo 11. They are made up of 5 people Adam Savage, Jaime Hyneman, Grant Imahara, Kary Byron, and Tory Belleci. Apollo 11 had and still has several conspiracy theories. One of the most common theories is that Apollo 11 was staged in a studio instead of being actual footage of man’s first steps on the moon. Since this is such an important part of history the myth busters wanted to prove that the Apollo 11 mission was in fact true. In order to prove that the Apollo 11 mission actually took place on the moon the myth…show more content…
The footage showed that the certain walking skipping techniques you see in the Apollo 11 footage were actually the most efficient way to move around in the moons gravity. Another conspiracy that viewers had was about 2 of the photos taken during the Apollo 11 mission, one of them being about the topography and light sources. On one of the photos you can see that the shadows of the space module and some of the lunar rocks on the moon’s surface have different directions. Conspiracy theorists say that you can’t have 2 different angled shadows from the same light source. The myth busters put this it the test buy building a model of the moon’s surface and used shifted the topography so that it showed to perpendicular shadows from the same light source. The second photo was a picture of one of the astronauts climbing the ladder to the space module. In the photo the astronaut is in the shadow of the space module but it appears that the astronaut is well lit in the

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