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Ancient Aliens Since its debut in 2010 millions have been captivated by The History Channel’s documentary series ‘Ancient Aliens’. The series explores the controversial “Ancient Astronaut Theory” that asserts that long ago aliens came to earth and changed the course of human history; they let themselves be worshipped as gods; they taught us how to do things like metallurgy and masonry; they gave us language and alphabets, and they showed us how to build massive megalithic structures using their technology. Watching the show even for a few minutes, it is easy to get sucked in. It takes you to exotic locations in pursuit of these places where the aliens may have been. The show makes it easy to look at things and think, “Humans could have never done this alone,” which is the essence of most every episode in the series. The series two main experts on the ancient astronaut theory are Erich Von Daniken, author of several books about alien influence on ancient human culture and “Ancient Alien Theorist” Giorgio Tsoukalos make claims in two of the series’ episodes that ancient megalithic structures such as Pumapunku in Bolivia and The Great Pyramids of Egypt had to have required a more sophisticated techonology in their construction than that which was available to the ancient cultures at the time of their construction. Which should be taken as proof that these megalithic structures were constructed either directly by extraterrestrial visitors or by humans who learned the necessary knowledge from said visitors. It should be noted that unfortunately neither of these men have any scientific base in Anthropology, History, or Archaeology. However, Von Daniken and Tsoukalos maintain on the show that there is no other explanation for their construction and it is a mystery of modern science. Although admittedly the series’ experts do make all of these theories look very

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