Movie Analysis Armageddon

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Movie Analysis Armageddon As novices in film analysis, the movie chosen (Armageddon) was felt it would be an excellent movie to view, dissect, and analyze. The movie has many challenges to overcome: ability to drill in an asteroid that is made of iron, like Rockhound losing control on the asteroid. When NASA starts the bomb, and when team has to choose one to will stay behind and detonate the bomb. One may believe that the intent of this movie is to show how life could be, if this were a real life situation, the circumstances that may arise if this were to become reality. It shows how life is fragile and should be cherished and not to take life for granted. Upon discovering the asteroid, NASA gives some everyday drillers the option of saving the planet. The main theme is that a meteorite is heading to earth in a matter of a few weeks. This meteor is the size of Texas and will destroy the planet. There would be no life forms that would survive, to include the planet if the meteor were to hit earth. The only chance for survival rests in the hands of Harry Stamper, his drilling crew, few NASA astronauts, and they only have 18 days to complete the mission and blow up the meteor. One may believe the alternate themes may be that teams need to work together and communicate with all means possible. Some could say that they should have trust as well as belief in all members. NASA must learn to take criticism while giving control over to men they would not normally have anything to do with. Once NASA picked the team they have to learn how to train them without overwhelming them. They have

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