The Moon Landing Hoax

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Even though NASA and the U.S. government have video of the Apollo11 moon landing, many still think we in fact did not go to the moon. Why haven’t there been more manned explorations and was this an elaborate hoax by NASA to satisfy political demands. Michael Newton (2006). The Encyclopedia of Conspiracies and Conspiracy Theories (pg. 22). This is a book that explains many conspiracies. The conspiracy that I was most interested in is the Apollo project or you might know it as the moon landing. This book talks about how the moon landing conspiracy came to be. It started with a man by the name of Bill Kaysing in. He said that he had a big discovery and proof that we did not land on the moon. He continues on by saying that the moon landing staged and he questioned NASA about a few discrepancies that he found and NASA declined to answer. I think that this is a very reliable source because it gives dates and names and other sources to reference. This will be a very useful source because it does give me other sources that I may use and it raises good questions. Villard, Ray. (2004). Did NASA fake the Moon landing. Astronomy. This is a great article about how a small group of people are trying to convince everyone that the moon landing was a hoax and the whole thing was scripted. They came up with some evidence that NASA had faked the moon landing and that it was being kept a big secret. Once again Bill Kaysing makes an appearance. The article also says that he wrote a book about the moon landing being fake. The article also talks about how FOX did a program on the moon landing being a hoax. But the main point of the article is to debunk all doubt on the moon landing being a hoax. I think that this is a great source when it comes to making the argument that we did go to the moon. It looks at things from a scientific point of view and you can’t really argue with

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