Man really did walk on the Moon

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Did American astronauts really land on the Moon? Millions of excited people around the world watched the extraordinary event, but on these days many people ask themselves the same question. Many different opinions have been said, and many questions have not been answered. However NASA has enough evidence to prove its landing. Should we believe them? First of all, in the period of 1969 to 1972 twelve spacemen stepped on the Moon. Most of them are still alive, and can share their experience of the trip. To prove their expedition, they brought sufficient evidence from the Moon; Apollo returned with 841 pounds of Moon rocks (NASA, 2001). The second proof is the declaration of Dr. Norman about these special rocks. He said that they had discovered pieces of glass in the moon rock that were the result of meteorite impacts and volcanic activity over billions of years ago. Also he added that this kind of volcanic glass does not belong to the Earth because it can be destroyed immediately by water in the world in few million years; due to this explanation it is almost sure that the rocks came from the Moon. Finally, the third fact is given by Dr. David McKay, Chief Scientist for Planetary Science and Exploration at NASA’s Johnson Space Center (JSC). He has hundreds of documents about the origin of the Moon’s rocks brought by Apollo. He commented that scientists from different countries (not only NASA’s employees) had researched these samples. As a result of all the investigations, they assured that the pieces of glass are from the moon. Three facts were exposed to make credible that man did walk on the Moon: the first evidence was the samples which the astronauts brought from the Moon, the second one is that these rocks cannot be found in the earth; and the last one is the different studies that have been done with the same result, the rocks came from the Moon. We can

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