Did Man Really Go to the Moon?

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UNIVERSITY OF THE SOUTHERN CARIBBEAN ANDREWS UNIVERSITY AFFILIATION AND EXTENSION PROGRAMS Physics Research Paper An Assignment Prepared in Partial Fulfillment For the Requirements of the Course Course Acronym: PHYS 142 General Physics 2 Class Day: T & R Class Time: 12:15pm- 1:30pm Instructor: Mr. Rodriguez By Afeisha Davidson Charissa Nabbie Monique George USC ID#: 2012070003 eMail: mogeorge9@gmail.com Submission Date: 13th April, 2015 Approval______________ Table of Contents Abstract 3 Introduction 3 Methodology 5 Summary and Discussion 5 Evidences that NASA Staged the Lunar Landing Mission. 6 Evidence 1: Van Allen Radiation Belt 6 Evidence 2: Flag waving on the moon 7 Evidence 3: Lack of stars in Moon Landing Photos 8 Evidence 4: No Crater Blast beneath Lunar lander 9 Evidence 5: lunar lander unstable too unstable to fly 9 Conclusion 11 References 12 Abstract On July 20th 1969 an historic event took place for the entire world. Neil Armstrong travelled to the moon on the Apollo 11 Spacecraft. There he became the first man to ever set foot on the moon. However, there were many concerns and questions about this ‘journey’ to the moon. Was it scientifically possible for man to land on the moon and return alive? Did the evidence of this event made logical sense, based on our knowledge of science and the information that is known about the moon? Was it staged just to appear like man really landed on the moon? This research paper will refute evidences made by this event. Such evidences discussed are the waving of the United States of America National Flag, The Van Allen Radiation Belt, the viewing of the stars. Introduction The moon is the name given to the natural satellite of the Earth. Its diameter is about 3480km, which is about one-fourth of the earth. The moon’s volume is about one-fiftieth that of

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