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Meaning of Life Essay

  • Submitted by: anhdienjj
  • on August 25, 2013
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Meaning Of Life
What is the meaning of life? That is a question which so many people try to find the answer but no one can exactly define what it is. Life is a mystery picture and we have to paint it by ours own coloring pencils. No one can draw it very nice and perfect. Thus, It is always including happiness and sadness in that picture so people have many different ways to define the meaning of life. It is included money, food, sex, power and love. According to Frankl Man’s Search For Meaning, life is so wonderful and amazing even though it is not great all the time. Although he knew life in camp was so terrible because of lack of food and sleep, he still wanted to join in camp to help the people to find the purpose to survive. It was difficult for him while he was trying to be alive and helped his friends in camp. Therefore, the Capos controlled him so he couldn’t do anything. He only can control his freedom in his mind and his soul to think of his wife all the time. To conclude, the meaning of life is to use our time to live, love and help people with all ours love. Readers can see the way Frankl loved his parents, loved his wife and everybody around him instead of satisfying instincts as Freud. Loving does not only make us feel happy but also makes people around us feel happy too.  
Frankl really loved his parents so he decided to give up his freedom to stay in Austria to take care of his parents. As Frankl said, “At that moment I decided to stay with my father and my mother upon the land, and to let the American visa lapse”(XVI). It was difficult to get the visa to immigrate to American, but Frankl decided to stay with his parents in Austria. If Frankl went to America, he would not have to join in camp. Giving up his chance, Frankl wanted to be with his family. He didn’t want to leave his parents alone to face with their fate. Frankl chose his parent instead of his happiness because he loved his parents a lot. It was a wonderful thing that a son did for his...

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