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In his essay “Working at Wendy's”, Joey Franklin conveys that he works at Wendy's because he feels that, even though the job may seem demeaning, it is something he has to do for the benefit of his family. Franklin uses short stories or anecdotes from earlier in his life or from those whom he works with to prove this point. Franklin in the end shows that he is willing to do anything to provide for his wife and son. Franklin's feeling of embarrassment begins when he recognizes a member of his Boy Scout troop who also works at Wendy's. This disgrace carries on throughout the story as Franklin is embarrassed and uncomfortable working at a fast food restaurant because of his high qualifications. He is confronted by a man in the bathroom whom the author assumes thinks that he got his girlfriend pregnant and never graduated high school. It is clear that Franklin is very self-conscious as he states, “I want to tell him that I'm in the top 5 percent of students at my college, that I am two semesters away from graduating, and that I'm on my way to grad school to get a Ph.D. in English literature” (25). Franklin hated the feeling of people looking down on him and pitying him because of his job. He could not see the…show more content…
I tell them that in another month I'll be back in school and working at a better-paying, less humiliating job.”(27) Even Franklin's dad adds to this pressure when he finds out about his son's job as he can hardly understand why his son would take such a lowly job, “'Wendy's? When did this happen?' I want to tell him that it didn't just happen, that it wasn't an accident, but I am stuck wondering how to make him understand...”(29) Like everyone else, Franklin's dad is at a loss for words at his son's

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