Mankind In John Steinbeck's The Grapes Of Wrath

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Mankind...Unite!!! Throughout John Steinbeck's novel, The Grapes of Wrath, mankind and the Joads are getting put down and are forced from their homes. When the Joads and other families are forced to leave they do not want to go. They argue that the land is theirs because they grew crops and lived on it. So as they begin to migrate across America, a great metamorphosis occurs to the migrants and they unite to become one family. As the families travel on a transcontinental trip to California they begin to unite with themselves, with others, and with mankind as a whole. The Joads unite with themselves when Grampa Joad dies of a stroke. Towards the beginning of the novel the Joads suffer a death in the family when grampa Joad dies of a stroke. Out of this tragedy the Joads become a single unit, no longer eleven family members, but a single unit. “The family became a unit. Pa squatted on the ground, and Uncle John beside him. Pa was the head of the family now. Ma stood behind him. Noah and Tom and Al squatted, and the preacher sat down, and then reclined on his elbow. Connie and Rose of Sharon walked at a distance. Now Ruthie and Winfield, clattering up with a bucket of water held between them, felt the change, and they slowed up and set down the bucket and moved quietly to stand with Ma”(Steinbeck 138-139). Even though they just went through a death…show more content…
Even though the families were faced with all kinds of challenges they survived because they became united. The Joad family unites with themselves because they do not want to bear the grief of Grampa’s death individually. Other families unite with complete strangers when they get to the roadside camps and the Hoovervilles. Tom Joad unites himself with all mankind when he determines that his people are all people. When faced with hard times and challenges it is sometimes hard for a single person to overcome some things, which is why people

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