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Mc Donald’s in China The first McDonald’s restaurant in China was located in Shenzhen SEZ on October 8th, 1990. After few years, in April 1992, a new restaurant was opened on Beijing’s Wangfujing Street. That one became the largest McDonald’s restaurant in the world. Till now, McDonald’s has successfully set up brand in China choosing the family as a main target group. In order to attract consumers’ attention and to be unique, McDonald’s uses different advertisements adapted to different countries. Accordingly the company respects the characteristics of different regions, cultures and customer behaviors. McDonald’s is an example of a company that considers that entering new markets, with different national cultures, should be followed by certain market adjustment. The product should be suitable to locals. For example, Chinese customers prefer the food with low calories and bearing this in mind McDonald’s constantly brings out products specially adapted to locals and some of those products is impossible to find in other markets. It is obvious that consumers’ culture and values influence the products characteristics but above all McDonald’s is still focusing on keeping the original flavor as much as the conditions allow it. Good promotion strategy is an effective way to attract consumers’ attention to products and marketing messages. McDonalds’ is completely aware of the impact of culture on a lot of aspects of consumer behavior. Following it the company used Chinese language in advertisements in Chinese market in order to send clear message. They tried to implement tradition Chinese culture where children are considered as apples placed in hands of their parents. Also, they used cartoon characters and free toys with the intention to be more noticed. This approach was successful, since Chinese customers appreciated the efforts of McDonalds’ to respect and

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