Mary Edwards Walker Short Biography

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Dr. Mary Edwards Walker Born in Oswego, New York on November 26, 1832, Mary Edwards Walker was raised in an abolitionist family. Her father was a country doctor who believed in equality and education for his five daughters, Mary, Aurora, Cynthia, Luna and Vesta. He was also against the woman's clothes that didn't really help with the work they did every day. Mary was an early enthusiast for Women's Rights, and she went all out against women's clothing. She got rid of the restrictive clothing and in her later years, wore men's clothing when she lectured about Women's Rights. Sometime in June 1855, Mary joined a small group of women doctors when she graduated from Syracuse Medical College. Syracuse was the nation's first medical school and took in men and women equally. She graduated at 21 when she took three 13-week semesters of medical training that she had to pay $55 for each…show more content…
In Hit, she talked about having more equality laws so wives and children could leave unhappy homes. This also required the women a right to vote. In Hit, she wrote, “[U]ntil women have a voice in making [laws], they must of necessity be imperfect, as are all laws, where … woman has had no voice in their making.” She also argued that marriage was a “contract” between “equal partners as she wrote, “No young lady, when she is being courted … for a moment supposes that her lover can … ever wish her to be his slave.” In April 1917, while the World War was going on, she offered Kaiser Wilhelm II her land to have a German American peace conference. Also in 1917, while in Washington, she fell on the steps of Capitol. She was 85 years old and never recovered from her fall on the Capitol steps. She died in her hometown, in her neighbors house, on February 21, 1919. She was buried in Rural Cemetery on Cemetery Road. That same year, the 19th Amendment was
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