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Female Leader Paper Susan B. Anthony On February 15, 1820, Susan B. Anthony was born in Adams, Massachusetts, to the parents Daniel and Lucy Anthony. She was the second child to a Quaker family of eight. Her father Daniel was a strict man who was a Quaker abolitionist and cotton manufacturer. Also, her father thought toys, games, and music would be a distraction for their education and would get in the way of other opportunities (Bohannon). Instead he enforced self-discipline and how to take care of oneself. Growing up in a strict Quaker family and neighborhood did not expose Susan to slavery. Quakers practiced that men and women were equal. They also did not practice common law but practiced there beliefs in the Inner Light- God’s…show more content…
Anti-slavery conversation was normal at the dinner table and helped shaped the views of Susan. Being brought up in a strict family, Susan believed that all people should be treated equally although most people disagreed with her and thought that females and slaves were not equal to white men (Mosher). Susan was treated unfairly in school but was still determined to learn. As a young child, Daniel Anthony wanted his children both to learn equally but was denied by the district schoolteacher. This lead to Susan’s father to open up a school himself for his children. Mary Perkins, Susan’s teacher, was educated and held a position which only men held at the time. Perkins taught the children with poems and school books. At the age of fifteen, Susan ended up teaching at her fathers school in Philadelphia during the summer and taught till the age of thirty. Over time, Susan B. Anthony became one of the most important leaders who became active in standing up for temperance,…show more content…
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