Why did a Campaign for Womens Suffrages develop in the years after 1870?

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There was a campaign for women’s suffrage in the 1870’s due to a variety of reasons. It was due to the fact of how women got treated and the fact that they had to give everything to their husband. Women didn’t like this idea and decided that they wanted equal rights and believed they should have at least been allowed to vote, so they would not be affected badly by men’s decisions. Two thirds of men were able to vote and so after a while women went and put up a fight to get the right to vote. It was inevitable for women not to get the right to vote. What helped push women get the right to vote, were the improvements in economy, political and social changes. There were a couple of political factors that took place that helped women fight for their rights to vote. Some of these factors were people that did debates and speeches on why women should have a right to vote. One of these people was Benjamin Disraeli who was a conservative Party Leader in 1866, who was speaking during a debate on the second reform bill and said “I do not see, when she has so much to do with the state and the church, on what reasons, if you come to right, she has not a right to vote”, here he is trying to say that a women does a lot of work for the country and work in the church, but after all of that she still doesn’t get the right to vote. Women even tried petitions to get the vote and they were able to get enough signatures in their 1867 petition, but it still didn’t go through and women still didn’t get their right to vote. There was another political factor where an ex MP named J.S. Mill who was also a philosopher. J.S. Mill was strongly with women’s campaign and he also wrote a book called ‘The Subjection of Women’ in 1869. J.S. Mill talked about how women require suffrage as men’s vote also affects them and why they deserve to be able to vote. These were a couple of reasons why women
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