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Executive Summary is the UK's largest online-only fashion and beauty store. Primarily aimed at 16-34 year old women, it offers over 35,000 own-label and branded fashion goods. Sales for the financial year ending 31 March 2010 were £223 million. In this report it will be analyzed as to whether consumers would shop at an ASOS store in Oxford Street, this will be achieved using both methods of quantitative and qualitative research in order to evaluate the response. The secondary research findings gave an overview into the industry background of the offline retail sector in which ASOS would operate, as well as the competition that ASOS would face in addition to the attitudes and perceptions surrounding the opening of an ASOS store. Primary research was conducted through the use of a questionnaire with 200 participants as well as two focus groups which enabled an in-depth analysis of consumers in relation to their views on the ASOS objective. A majority of participants indicated that they would prefer to shop in an ASOS store than online but would spend more money online. The focus groups were paramount in creating a questionnaire that enabled the assembly of quantitative and qualitative numeric responses, which allowed for additional analysis through SPPS. The focus group results were echoed in the questionnaire, where a significant number of consumers would shop at an offline store. Through utilizing the research methods indicated we were able to gather reliable and sufficient data that would meet the research objective. Thus, through this, the scope in the high-street fashion market for ASOS can be assessed. . Introduction & Background ASOS, an acronym for the true meaning of “As Seen on Screen”, is an independent online fashion store established in 2000 by the entrepreneur Nick Robertson. The company offers a range of different branded

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