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COMM470– Week 4 Abstract As time moves on and as technology progresses, we the consumers have found the need to educate ourselves about products and services being offered. We must distinguish between which media is the most persuasive in helping us arrive at a conclusion. Organizations are finding out that traditional real-world advertising and marketing is not enough for a company to be branded as a household name and be competitive globally. Media Comparison Paper With the introduction of the internet advertisement, in 1994, E-marketing was established. A whole new niche of selling products worldwide has rise and must be catered, the virtual consumer. The virtual consumers are young, well educated, affluent, and impulsive.…show more content…
This marketing tool has brought about many benefits to the promotion and sale of goods or services, because it is inexpensive and is a fast way to distribute information to a large audience globally. Internet marketing is a virtual interactive environment. Among many features, it has the capability to provide an instant response. Usually these marketing sites are well designed utilizing graphics, color, and multimedia to provide a strong visual appeal, and easy purchase process. Multiple links contains the management of digital consumer data and electronic customer relationships management systems such as customer 800 numbers and life chats. It also, includes the management of digital customer data and electronic customer relationship management Competition from online marketers has been a major concern of catalogers and other direct marketers. Most consumer catalogers such as Sears and JCPenney have already established their presence on the web (Miller, 1998. The company I chose to compare and contrast their marketing online versus the print media is Sears and Roebuck. In the remainder of this paper, I will describe the company’s market established for both traditional real world and virtual customer, and how this has helped the company became the nation's second-largest…show more content…
From its commencement Sears made available more than 5000 Craftsman tools online to establish a solid relation with busy male online shoppers. According to a reports from the A. C. Nielsen CommerceNet consortium, typical users are comprised of 53% men and 47%, women; among the online shoppers, 62% are male and 38%, female (CommerceNet, 1999). Sears took advantage of this public knowledge by choosing to introduce a vast selection of tools into the side to attract the larger percentile of on line shoppers, men. The following year, Sears made a strategic business decision to begin the transaction towards preteen and young teenagers by introducing the website. This website will guarantee continuous name recognition and a new generation of virtual shoppers.

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