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Michelle Willis Course Project- A MATH553 May 21, 2014 AJ Davis is a large department store chain throughout the U.S. in which many customers pay by credit. To keep current with trends, create the ultimate shopping experience, and attract new credit customers, AJ Davis would like find out more information about their current customers. A sample of 50 credit customers was selected to perform a detailed statistical analysis. Some of the key variables that have been considered and included in the analysis are the customers Location,…show more content…
Does the Income of the Customer depend on the Location? Let’s take a look. According to the histogram above the mean income for Rural locations is 33,690, Urban location $44,950 and the Suburban location $50,670. As we can see the highest income was in the Suburban area while the lowest income was in the Rural area it appears the relationship between Location and income are correlated. Descriptive Statistics: Size Total Variable Location Count Mean SE Mean StDev Variance Sum Minimum Size Rural 13 1.769 0.231 0.832 0.692 23.000 1.000 Suburban 15 4.333 0.3386 1.496 2.238 65.000…show more content…
According to the histogram there is a relationship between these 2 variables. The Rural area has the minimum balance $1864.00 and a maximum balance of $3605.00. The Suburban area has a minimum credit balance of $2,972 and a maximum balance of $5,768. The Urban area has a minimum credit balance of $2,448 and $5370. An assumption can be made in regards to location and credit balance, it is possible that the more money may be spent depending on what are the customer resides in as some locations are more costly than others. Descriptive Statistics: Credit Balance ($) Total Variable Location Count Mean SE Mean StDev Variance Sum Credit Balance ($) Rural 13 2856 119 428 183362 37131 Suburban 15 4675 192 742 55110i6 70130 Urban 22 4148 134 631 397589

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