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Drug Profile Paper Drug Profile The world currently inhabits millions of people who have his or her own quirks and oddities. Some may form because of individual behavior and upbringing, some may form from genetics, and some may form from watching others perform certain tasks. Other possibilities do exist in which an oddity or quirk may form, but the possibility is small. Even with saying that, one must be aware that outside sources can infiltrate and even swerve one process, which can attribute to drastic changes. One of the main culprits is the multitude of drugs and the side effects each have. If a person is not aware of the drug’s full capacity before ingesting it, he or she may be in for a troublesome future. The following information…show more content…
Any drug one uses has a high potential of becoming addict status. Its how one decides to use the drug that dictates if he or she will become an addict. If one were to observe the trends of drugs he or she would see that the effects drugs have vary. According to GetGoing (2011) marijuana is a highly addictive drug but with few ill effects. Marijuana may cause panic and stress attacks in extreme cases but helps ones gain back loss of appetite, and can dull pain from radiation treatments (GetGoing, 2011). The withdrawal effects of marijuana are minimal but can reverse the features it enhances. Conversely is the use of drugs such as cocaine and heroin. According to GetGoing (2011) using heroin or cocaine, powdered or crack (rock), even one time causes such intense cravings for some individuals that they use it again and again, rapidly becoming addicted. Furthermore, crack is the most highly addictive of all the drugs available because it is smoked and therefore stimulates the brain directly (GetGoing, 2011 p. 2). The high lasts only a few minutes, so the user soon needs more in order to sustain the energized, grandiose and powerfully euphoric feeling it produces (GetGoing, 2011). The withdrawal symptoms include shakes, convulsions, tremors, hallucinations, physical abuse to ones’ body, and in some severe cases…show more content…
One feature that many do not realize is that many prescription pills classify under categories such as stimulants, depressants, and narcotics. The main difference lies in its name. If one is not knowledgeable to medicine, he or she may not realize that pills such as Vicodin, Lithium, Valium, Ambien, Oxycodone, etc. fall under such criteria. For instance, Vicodin and Oxycodone help alleviate pain that classifies them as a narcotic in its simplest form. Furthermore, Valium and Ambien reduce brain function for a period, classifying them as depressants. Even though one is under the supervision of a doctor, one can become dependent of the pills to function. Under the supervision of doctors, the possibility of addiction happening lessens, but still possible. The best a doctor can do is if the traits start to appear is to wean the patient off the medicine. If said patient needs that form of pill to live, the doctor may try a different type. Otherwise, the patient will always have the possibility to become addictive to his or her

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