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A narcotic is an addictive drug that reduces pain, induces sleep and may alter mood or behaviour. In medicine, an analgesic narcotic means opioid, which refers to all natural, semi-synthetic and synthetic substances that act pharmacologically like morphine, the primary constituent of natural opium. The opioids are classified on the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) list of prohibited substances and methods as narcotics. In order to train for longer or even when injured, athletes may takes substances such as narcotics which help to numb any pain that they are experiencing. Examples of banned narcotics include morphine, heroin, the heroin substitute methadone and the pain killer codeine. They can be dangerous because the athlete may compound an injury by continue to train and these substances – narcotic means sleep inducing - can impair the mental functioning of the athlete. They are also potentially addictive. Narcotic addiction is caused through the changes that take place in the structure and function of the brain as use of the drug continues. When a narcotic enters the brain, it attaches to the pain receptors which suppress the pain the person may be experiencing.…show more content…
Morphine derivatives were part of the so-called Belgian mix or cocktail known as ‘pot Belge’ which also includes stimulants. In 1998 an entire French cycling team was suspended from the Tour de France when their physiotherapist, Willy Voet, was found with a car boot full of drugs including prescription drugs and narcotics. In 2004 Belgian cyclist Christophe Brandt was excluded from the Tour de France after testing positive for methadone, a drug more usually used to wean addicts off heroin. Most recently, in the “Cahors Affair” a drugs scandal in summer 2006 involving 23 cyclists, their team crew and entourage, a French cycling coach was jailed for continuing to supply the infamous ‘pot
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