Smart Drugs Essay

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Vondessa Peters-Marcano Student number100177622 Critical Thinking to Scholarly Writing NURS 1072 January 31st ,2012 Drugs, whether prescribed or illegal have been a vital part in the lives of many people. As many people would acknowledge, stimulants have been the most widely used and abused in the history of medicine. One type of drugs that has generated controversy in recent times is the so-called “smart drugs”. These drugs are known to lower fatigue and increase the concentration and alertness in individuals. An article appearing in The Economist on smart drugs seems to insinuate that it is high time that the free use of these drugs is encouraged. The writer takes issue with the fact that many individuals take the view that, unapproved use of drugs is immoral and dangerous. In essence, the writer states that such thoughts can lead to prohibition of the drugs, which is wrong and futile. The futility of the action lies in the fact that smart drugs are easily accessible more so through the internet, he states. While this may be true, it is crucial to acknowledge that one of the reasons behind the high rates of drug abuse is the ease of availability (Simon 2005). In fact, many people get addicted to prescription drugs thanks to their availability. The writer also argues that the prohibition in the use of these drugs is wrong since the drugs are immensely useful. Falling under the category of nootropics (a Greek word that means “act upon the mind”) smart drugs are said to improve memory consolidation, learning as well as memory retrieval devoid of other effects on central nervous system, not to mention the low toxicity even when high doses are taken. While these effects are evidently desirable, it is crucial that the writer examines the flip side of the so-called smart drugs. Being stimulants, their effects are the same as those of methamphetamine and cocaine
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