Manual vs Automatic Transmissions

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Martin Gonzalez Mr. Lyle Advanced Writing – Comparison April 7, 2012 Automatic versus Manual One important thing is that most manual cars tend to be one thousand dollars cheaper than their automatic models. If you need to save money, purchasing a manual car would be a much better choice. Automatic cars cost more because they need more parts in their gear box and in the engine so they can be automatic instead of manual gear shifting. Also, when it comes to serious repairs to a car, manual cars are cheaper because they don’t have those extra parts automatic cars have so it could save you a lot of money that way too. And for those people who like to save gas, manual cars tend to waste five percent to fifteen percent less gas than its ajutomatic model. Besides saving you money, the way you drive is different as well! Statics show people tend to favor automatic transmission cars over manual transmission cars. Reasons for this are because it's much simpler to control making it more convenient to handle, but manual cars tend to be cheaper. Some of the contrast and similarities between the cars are affordability, skill, and use. For these reason, people should become more aware in this area to make better car choices for their needs and wants. Pricing tends to be an issue amongst people and many teenagers. Manual cars are usually the lesser than its counterpart, ranging around a thousand dollars cheaper. Purchasing manual cars would be the smart choice to get. Too add to this, Manual cars would usually save you five to fifteen percent more gas. Also, when any sort of accident happens or a repair is needed, automatic cars are much more expensive. The cause of this is the fact that more parts are needed for these cars to actually work as automatic cars. Manual cars can really save you money if you are concerned about price. Unfortunately, manual cars take more

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