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Luxury Cars The automobile has been one of the most revolutionary inventions in the past few centuries. The invention of the automobile has completely reshaped our way of life. We are now able to go farther distances in shorter periods of time than ever before. Yet with every great invention is the product that is a step above the rest. What I am talking about is luxury cars. Luxury cars have been around since about the same day as any other automobile. What makes them a step above the rest? Are they really worth that extra money? Or are they just a social symbol to show your amount of wealth. If you had no financial restrictions which car would you choose? There are two major classes of cars in todays world. They are the luxury cars which are made up mainly of Mercedes and BMW and the economy cars made up mostly of Honda, Toyota, General Motors, and Ford. There is a very larger price difference between these two classes of cars. What your paying for in an economy car is to get you from point A to point B in a little bit of comfort. In a luxury car you are paying for performance, safety, more advanced technology, and superior design. These qualities are needed for the car to be considered good but they increase the drivers quality, comfort and luxury wherever they are driving. Many economy car companies attempt to replicate the look and feel of many luxury cars. Which usually results in a failure. This is true because in order to compete with the luxury cars the economy cars would have to use the highest quality materials as does the luxury cars do. In doing so the total cost of the car would increase. This cost increase would decrease the amount of people in their targeted market. For example the Hyundai Equus is the top of the line for Hyundai and starts at about sixty thousand dollars. Or you can have a mid

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