Mandatory Organ Donation

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Mandatory Organ Donation. This is the only realistic and reasonable solution to solve the immense need for organ transplants. This solution consists of an opt-out system differing from the present program of opting-in. Opting-out involves you being placed into the transplant list and you have until death your death to opt-out if not, your organs will be transplanted into a person who is in dire need of it. This technology has been used and was successful in many European Nations, countries such as Sweden, Spain, Austria, and the UK. Spain, a nation with a massive need for organs is the only country throughout the world who is able to fulfill their needs. They have the greatest number of organs donated to sustain their year-on-year increase for the last ten years. This program places all organs’ future in your hands. This responsibility was not given to your mother or your father or any other relative because of one major reason. Death. Death is the single most traumatic thing a human can endure, your brain fails, your sight blurs, the pain of loss gripping at your sanity threatening to tear it apart. At, this difficult time, families are not the best place to depend on to make the decision on their relative’s behalf. It is WRONG to place such a heavy extra burden on them, and better to leave it on the donor himself. Family members may not know their relative’s wishes, and may offer an objection, which the donor would not support. They may hold beliefs of bodily integrity before burial, which the donor may reject. Consulting the family is not only a disgrace to the donor but is a denial of the doctors autonomy The nature of this new law is that it is the individual’s responsibility to make his own decision, and therefore his responsibility to acquaint himself with the way the law works. This plan will not only relieve stress from the family but it will alleviate
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