Challenges of Organ Donation

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Challenges of Organ Donation Organ donation refers to the act in donating human body organs or tissues to save lives of recipients in need of transplant. Organs or tissues can be donated by either a living or a dead person and one has to give his or her consent before the process is done. There are a lot of people worldwide waiting for an organ transplant and I do agree with the statement of the CORE members that there are about 110,000 people waiting for an organ donation, but only about 25,000 transplants each year”. According to UNOS, by March 2014, around 121,600 people in the United States were on the organ waiting list. Each day quit a number of people waiting for organ transplant die because the demand for organs has largely exceeds the number of donors all over the world. According to the New York Times of April 16, 2009 and an online survey conducted 5,100 people by the advocacy group Donate Life America found that many people still harbor fears about organ donation and its process. Some of these fears are perpetuated by some dramatic television shows which make people misunderstand the procedures taken during organ donation process. Despite the awareness of the public of organ donation there is still shortage in organ donation. Apart from fear there are several factors that influence a persons’ decision to sign up for organ donation. Some people simple do not donate due to their religious and cultural beliefs such as going to the spirit world with an intact body. A large number of people are deceived by myths such as doctors withholding a patients’ treatment once they know that the patient wanted to be a donor, a donors’ organs will be given to the highest bidder and not to the person who is in great need and that you have to be young and of good health before when you die to be a donor. The organ donation process is complex and needs well
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