Perspective on Organ Donation

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My Considered Personal Perspective View on Organ Donation ‘Opt In’ or ‘Opt Out’ Approach. This essay is going to discuss the ‘opt in’ and ‘opt out’ approach to organ donation. It will look at the different approaches, which are currently used in the United Kingdom (UK) and other European countries. It will discuss if there are any similarities or any differences, taking into account any concerns that are met by the organ donor, the recipient, and their families. It will examine any religious views regarding this delicate subject, giving examples of certain religions. It will describe and give an explanation about my own personal views and opinions that are expressed in relation to organ donation. This will include any ethical definitions that I have researched concerning organ donation, which will help to criticise my previously held views. The essay will also describe any changes that I may have encountered, such as what my previously held feelings were, and what might have changed when first asked about organ donation. I will use a reflective model to describe any changes that I have encountered. In the UK, the system that is in place is the ‘opt in’ approach; this system is a more respectable approach to peoples wishes, individuals have to give their consent by signing the Organ Donation Register (ODR), this would allow their organs to be used for donation after death. However, there is a shortage of organ donors in the UK, making long waiting lists for people on the transplant list and many will die waiting. Some Politicians and the British Medical Association (BMA) would like to see the UK adopt the ‘opt out’ (presumed consent) approach. This would mean that every individual in the UK would be willing to donate their organs after death; this would be done by signing the ‘opt out’ register. The Human Tissue Authority (HTA) guidance on consent to organ

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