Major Aspects of British Colonialism in India and Its Influence on the Indian Population Essay

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Major aspects of British colonialism in India and its influence on the Indian population At the start of seventeenth century India’s course of history was changed by the arrival of the British. At this time the Dutch had a monopoly over spices trade in south Asia. In order to gain this power Queen Elizabeth I decided to start trading with India through newly found “East India Corporation”. They built their first factory on the banks of the Hughli River in Bengal. At start, main purpose if this corporation was to buy spices, cotton and silk from India and sell them in the vast western market. With time East India Corporation gained enormous trading powers and started spreading their influence into administration of the country. Company’s policies were not accepted by the locals and they began to revolt against the company. This led to the downfall of the company which eventually handed over the administration of the country direct to the Queen of England. The British started spreading their power by forming states that imposed their laws and policies. By late eighteenth century entire Indian sub-continent were under British control. However, communication between these states became a barrier to gain full control of the country. So they introduced railway systems, telegraph and postal services in India. Introduction of these services simplified communication and amplified its influence throughout the country. In order to establish western ideas, they establish universities and schools. Concept of democracy thought in these institutions led to the modern day democracy in India. Indian’s also learnt the early capitalism through the British colonization. This transformed India’s economy into agriculture based capitalism. Strengthening the economy resulted in India becoming a hub for free trade in Asia. Introduction of English language into India’s education system

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