Madonna As a Non-Conformist

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Madonna, born Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone, is a common household name. It is a name recognized by literally everyone in the world. Madonna was able to establish a name for herself and create this widespread recognition by not only beating out her male competitors in the entertainment industry but also establishing a name for herself as an icon for her fans all over the world. Madonna was heavily influenced by her parents because she longed for affection from her father due to the death of her mother. Even though she lacked a real mother figure in her life, Madonna still connected deeply with her father Tony. After the death of her mother, Madonna was heartbroken. In Madonna’s eyes, her mother was a saint (Landrum, 262). The only thing that mattered to her was taken away from her, and she was very deprived because of this. She often talked about how she felt as a child, saying, “I got gypped” (Morton, 36). In desperate need of someone, Madonna turned toward her father. He became the role model in her life. Madonna viewed her father as an emotionally strong and stable man (Landrum, 262), and she often strived to please him. She took the place of her mother and took over the responsibility of caring for the children (Morton, 35). Because Madonna was so used to taking care of herself and others from an early age, she became independent in life. She became accustomed to having to work for what she wanted. Also, she didn’t have a true mother figure, and this led her to strive for femininity in her life. Even though she lacked a connection with a mother-figure in her life, Madonna pursued her dreams and created a name for herself in the entertainment industry by becoming a role model for young women across the world. Because Madonna was so independent and self-reliant, she was able to undergo change more easily. This allowed her to adapt to peoples’ needs and

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