the color purple and the crucible

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The Color Purple and The Crucible There are many similarities between the characters in these two books. The first book is titled The Color Purple. In this book the main character Celie is mistreated by her father, as well as her husband. In the second book, The Crucible, Elizabeth is married to a man named John who had an affair with another woman. Though Elizabeth and Celie are different people, they both have dealt with unstable relationships with men in their lives, but in the end the men have proven to really care. Celie started out her life living at home with her mother, father and her sister Nettie. Celie’s mother became ill and later died. Through this, Celie was raped by her father multiple times and bore two children. A boy named Adam and a girl named Olivia. The children were put up for adoption. Cellie’s early life was really troubling for her emotionally and physically. She kept a positive attitude and kept her sister close to her. Cellie always loved more then she was loved. Celie was married off to a man named Mr. who treated her terribly. Mr. was only looking for someone to take care of his children and his house after his wife died. Mr.’s children were disrespectful toward Celie. Later in the story Celie’s sister Nettie came to live with Mr. and Celie. Mr. kicked Nettie out when she refused to sleep with him. Mr. never loved Celie, he was in love with a woman named Shug. Shug was a singer who Mr. fell in love with when he was younger. When Shug came to stay at Mr.’s house, she and Celie bonded. Celie soon came to realize that she loved Shug. Shug loved Celie back and realized how she was being treated by Mr., Celie and Shug ended up moving into the same house together to live. In the end of the story, Mr. proves that he cared for Cellie. When her sister needed money to come home from Africa he paid for it. He watched from a

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