MNGT 295 Human Resource Management Report

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Pierce College SYLLABUS MNGT 295 - Human Resource Management Fall 2014 For course syllabus posted prior to the beginning of the term, the professor reserves the right to make minor changes prior to or during the term. The professor will notify students, via e-mail or Canvas announcement, when changes are made in the requirements and/or grading of the course. PLEASE PRINT THIS SYLLABUS AND READ IT CAREFULLY FOR SUCCESS PROFESSOR INFORMATION Professor: Dr. Paul L. Gerhardt, Ph.D. Office Hours: By arrangement Office Location: 9401 Farwest Drive SW; Lakewood, WA 98498 USA Office Telephone: 253-964-6429 (PST) Email: Faculty Website: Class Time: Online Daily (Sunday – Saturday)…show more content…
3. Identify factors influencing human resource trends and forecasts using workplace scenarios. 4. Identify and describe factors that impact individual and organizational performance and develop an action plan for improving personal performance. 5. Analyze current employment discrimination laws, identify factors impeding equal employment and develop a plan for minimizing the impact of these factors within an organization. 6. Develop a flow chart of a recruitment and selection process, using affirmative action guidelines. 7. Develop training and development plans for a new or under-producing employee. 8. Analyze employee rights in the workplace using current laws and regulations and evaluate organizational compliance. 9. Compare an organization’s safety and health standards against OSHA and WISHA standards. 10. Explain the advantages and disadvantages to unionization. 2 Syllabus: MNGT 295 – Human Resource Management – Dr. Paul L. Gerhardt, Ph.D. 3 11. Identify determinants in union-management relations, and describe a method of reducing labor relations problems. 12. Analyze an actual performance appraisal system and make recommendations for…show more content…
All members will earn the same grade for all parts of the team project. Therefore, all team members are expected to work on ALL parts of the team project. All aspects must be built, edited and approved by every team member. Each team member must hold each other accountable for doing the highest quality work. Be thoughtful, ethical and give your very best. Failing to do so will negatively affect the grade of your teammates. NO part of any work submitted for this class can be copied and pasted from other work. ALL portions of work submitted must be PARAPRASED and properly cited. ANY Copied work is considered plagiarism-cheating. You are to create it and put it entirely in your own words, you are expected to properly cite laws, WACs, and other legal acts directly, but give reference to where you found these sources using APA citations. Every ACTIVE member on the team will receive the same grade as your teammates unless your professor gets communication that you did not participate or contribute your “fair share”. Your professor will determine your grade based on what is reported by teammates. If it is determined that you did

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