Federalism Current Event Assignment

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have one current event for each of the following topics: Federalism - Current Event Assignment: Students will find and summarize an article that discusses a modern issue regarding the balance of power between the levels of government and illustrates the debate of federalism. Political Culture - Current Events Assignment: Students will find an article that involves American political culture, summarize it, and relate it to the information that we have covered from this chapter. Public Opinion - Current Event Assignment: Students will find a public opinion poll from the past month and analyze the information contained in the poll. Students will then use the various tools from the chapter to ascertain the degree of accuracy and legitimacy…show more content…
Please refrain from tabloid media such as The National Inquirer, People Magazine, etc. 6. The current event is due at the beginning of class. Late current events are unacceptable. If you are not in class the day a current event is due, you are expected to have e-mailed it to me at ebahr@shelbyed.k12.al.us so the time on your e-mail is prior to the start of class (i.e., you can’t skip class because you forgot your current event and then e-mail it to me later) 7. Academic Integrity Academic Integrity is at the heart of a sound academic policy. The integrity of a school course and program depend on the honest completion of student work. Cheating and/or plagiarism violate the most basic understanding between a student and a teacher—that a student’s work is his/her own. • Cheating occurs when a student: − copies someone else’s work and/or violates copyright. − allows someone else to copy his/her work. − allows someone to complete his/her work. • If a student is caught cheating, he/she will: − fail the assignment without opportunity to redo the

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