Management 302 Introduction To Small Business Management

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UNLV Introduction to Small Business Management Management 302, fall 2015 Instructor: Dr. Victor Isbell Phone: 895-1569 Office: BEH 322 Email: (Do NOT email assignments. Only hard copies are accepted!) Course Catalog Description: Management 302, Introduction to Small Business Management, shows what is involved in forming, operating, and/or owning a small business. It is designed for those who work in a small business or want to start a small business. Learning Outcomes: UNLV has developed a specific and important set of learning outcomes that graduating students should sufficiently achieve if not master.…show more content…
Although we may not have time for a routine review of all reading assignments, you will still be responsible for knowing the information that is in the book. If you have questions you should ask for clarification. 2015 GENERAL UNLV CLASS POLICY Dr. Victor Isbell 1. Course Syllabus: Course outlines are prepared as a guideline for the conduct of the class. They are NOT contracts between the professor and student and may be modified as required by any unforeseen event. Students will be notified promptly of any changes. 2. Reading assignments on the syllabus should be completed BEFORE the class period for which they are listed. 3. Homework/assignments: No make-up exams or work will be given or accepted. You may arrange to turn in work prior to the due date but not afterwards. In emergency situations where work is missed I will adjust the total points possible so that you will not be penalized when figuring out the final grade. If you cannot make class because of a situation beyond your control, call the department secretary or me and leave a…show more content…
September 2 Chapter 3: Small Business Environment: Managing External Relations September 7 Labor Day Recess—No UNLV classes September 9 Chapter 4: Small Business Ideas: Creativity, Opportunity, and Feasibility September 14 Feasibility Study Introduction Due September 16 Chapter 5: Small Business Entry: Paths to Part-Time Entrepreneurship September 21 Chapter 6: Small Business Entry: Paths to Full-Time entrepreneurship September 23 Chapter 7: Small Business Strategies: Imitation with a Twist September 28 Exam Chapters 1-7 September 30 Feasibility Analysis Due: Description of your Business October 5 Chapter 8: Business Plans: Seeing Audiences and Your Business Clearly October 7 Chapter 9: Small Business Marketing: Product and Pricing Strategies October 12 Chapter 10: Small Business Promotion: Capturing the Eyes of Your Market October 14 Feasibility Analysis Due: The Product/Service October 19 Chapter 11: Small Business Distribution and Location October 21 Chapter 12: Marketing Plans: Saying How You’ll Get Sales October 26 Chapter 13: Small Business: Projecting and Evaluating Performance October 28 Chapter 14: Cash: Lifeblood of the Business October 30 (Friday) Nevada Day Recess-no classes November 2 Exam Chapters

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