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Week Five Assignment Michael Williams MAT 126 Professor Choudhry September 24, 2008 Week Five Assignment This week's assignment covered statistical methods and how they fail to prove the whole truth concerning a relative subject. Now more than ever, commercials, etc. use statistical information as a lie to get customers interested in purchasing their products. This week's assignment addressed misleading claims, and required us to prove how the claims were either false or misguiding. The common tools of misconception include using confusing words, detached statistics, using double negatives, double barrel questions, bias questions, faulty survey questions, etc. To prove my two chosen question misleading I will be using suspect samples, and double negatives, and confusing words. Question 1: Page 810; # 6 "In an ad for a moisturizing lotion, the following claim was made: '...It's the #1 dermatologist recommended brand.' What is misleading about this claim" (Bluman, 2011,…show more content…
The book describes how many advertisements will begin with the phrase, "Three out of four doctors surveyed the recommended brand..." (Bluman, 2011, Pg. 806). Using this quote suggests that only four doctors could have been involved in the sample size as for the claim above, how many dermatologist actually tested the brand. Was there only one dermatologist who tested the brand? If so, then the claim is misleading and inaccurate providing the user false representation of wide spread dermatologists. Question 2: Page 811-812; #16 "Do you think that it is not important to give extra tutoring to students who are not failing?" (Bluman, 2011, Pg. 812). This claim uses both confusing words, and double negatives. Double negatives are used by stating: "it is not important... who are not failing..." The use of those words then can confuse the person being questioned if they do not pay an accurate amount of attention to the

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