M4 Training Exercise

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Copy____of____Copies 767TH ORD CO (EOD) BLDG M-7223 FORT BRAGG, NC 28310 250900OCT2011 767TH OD CO (EOD) OP ORD 767-00-00 References: a. Fort Bragg Regulation 350-6 Installation Range Regulation b. Fort Bragg Military Reservation Map, 1:50,000 c. FM 3-22.9 Rifle Marksmanship d. FM 2-23.35 Combat Training With Pistol M9 Time Zone: Local (North American Eastern Time Zone) Task Organization: HQ, 767TH OD CO (EOD) 2nd PLT, 767TH OD CO (EOD) 3rd PLT, 767TH OD CO (EOD) 1. SITUATION: IAW 52D OD GRP’s training guidance the 767TH EOD will conduct a M4 training exercise to certify personnel on their assigned weapons. a. Enemy Forces: N/A b. Friendly Forces: N/A c. Weather: Inclement weather will be handled IAW Range Control…show more content…
2. MISSION: The 767TH OD CO (EOD) will conduct M4 qualification at Range 28B. The end state is to have all personnel assigned to 767 OD CO (EOD) qualify with their assigned weapons. 3. EXECUTION: Commanders Intent: The 767 OD CO (EOD) will conduct a small arms range on 6 December 2011 on Range 28B at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. This training will be used to ensure personnel qualify on their assigned individual weapons. Key Tasks: • Assignment of range OIC and RSO • Identify Combat Lifesaver personnel • Ensure ammo detail is prepared with proper vehicles in order to draw from ASP • Perform BRM prior to zero

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