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Texas Air National Guard Air Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Vacancy ONE POSITION: ON-BOARD PERSONNEL ONLY Announcement Number: Announcement Date: Closing Date: 149-AGR-12-01 Position Details: PD Title: Aircraft Pneudraulics Systems Mechanic 26 October 2011 Required AFSC: 2A655 Military Position #: 008240534 Position Description #: 40074000 Military Reference: AFECD, 31 January 2011 25 November 2011 Military Grade Requirements: SSgt/E-5 NTE TSgt/E-6 Funding Availability: AGR Must Bring Own Funding Trainees Accepted: No Concurrently Advertised: Air Technician Annc#: 149-11-54 (Hydraulics) Military Title: AIRCRAFT HYDRAULIC SYSTEMS Duty Organization/Location: 149FW/MXS Selecting Official: 149FW/MXS SUMMARY Skill to plan and…show more content…
Interested applicants must submit the following mandatory documents.  NGB Form 34-1, Application for Active Guard/Reserve (AGR) Position. Announcement number and position title must be annotated on this form.  Copy of Records Review RIP within last 30 days. May be obtained from your Personnel Records at your unit. For Air Force/Air National Guard you can obtain your Records Review RIP from your Military Personnel Fight or go to (RIP must show your ASVAB scores and awarded AFSCs). Records Review RIP must be no more than 30 calendar days old.  AF Form 422, Notification of Air Force Member's Qualification Status w ithin last 12 months and AF 469, Duty Limiting Condition Report (if applicable). Fit to Fight AF Fitness Management Assessment must be no more than 12 months old. For Air Force/Air National Guard you can obtain your fitness assessment from you’re the AF Portal, AFFMS – AF Fitness Management System.  DD Form 214s (if applicable) 2. Incomplete/expired paperwork will NOT be considered. 3. Other documents (EPRs/OPRs, Resume, etc.) are optional. COMPLETION OF APPLICATION Applicants must type or print in legible dark ink, SIGN AND DATE each application. Failure to sign and date these forms in ORIGINAL SIGNATURE will result in non-consideration. Fax will not be accepted. Applications will only be accepted if they are physically received in the Human Resource Office by 1630 hours on the closing date of the announcement. No exceptions will be made. SUBMITTING YOUR

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