108h Air Defense Brigade Essay

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The 108th Air Defense Artillery Brigade traces its lineage to the 514th Coast Artillery Regiment (Antiaircraft), which was formed in Schenectady, New York in October, 1923. The Regiment was reorganized as the 108th Coast Artillery Group (Antiaircraft) on 3 January 1943 at Camp Davis, North Carolina, and again reorganized as the 108th Antiaircraft Artillery Group, in May of the same year. The 108th was then moved to Camp Stewart, Georgia on 14 October 1943. Two months later, the 108th staged at Camp Shanks, New York on 22 December and remained there until they deployed from the New York Port of Embarkation on 6 days later, and arrived in England on 7 January 1944. The brigade deployed to Europe during World War II, and participated in the landings at Normandy, going ashore at Utah Beach on 28 June 1944. The 108th then went on to provide…show more content…
Army Institute of Heraldry,[1] the alignment with XVIII Airborne Corps does not serve as authorization to add the Airborne tab and the brigade has never been authorized to wear it. The IOH also notes the brigade asked to be authorized a beret flash and parachute wing oval but was turned down because the brigade is not an Airborne unit and is not authorized either a flash or oval. The brigade's only unit to serve on jump status was the Stinger Platoon of 2–52nd ADA. This platoon, under the command of 1LT Evan Phelps, had the distinction of being the first ADA unit to be deployed in the opening days of the Gulf War. 2–52 ADA was disbanded shortly after the Gulf War in the early 1990s. Later in 2007, the brigade would again have Airborne units assigned to its command with the addition of the 3–4th ADA when it was reassigned from the 82nd Airborne Division. Under the ongoing reorganization, only Battery E of 3–4th ADA is on jump

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