442nd Infantry Combat Team

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Go For Broke Soon after the Japanese army bombing of pearl harbor in 1941, American joined into the world war 2. Japanese American were called to 4-C which was also named “Enemy Aliens”, and were not allowed to join U.S. Military anymore, even though they did not have any bad record such as spying. The American government soon forced them including many who were American citizens and mainly lived on the west coast transferred to internment camps which located various western wasteland areas of the country, even though the Japanese Americans who lived in Hawaii was a significant portion of the local work force and relocated them would make a negative effect on the local economy. However, in 1942, President Franklin Roosevelt and the war department of American government decided to allow American Japanese to voluntary join an army which only composed by American Japanese which called the 100th Infantry Battalion. Finally, this battalion composed in Hawaii, the most of units were from Hawaii and mainland and wanted to show their loyal, conscientious to prove their devotion to their country. They trained at camp McCoy, Wisconsin and then transferred to camp Shelby, Mississippi, at meanwhile, the 442nd regimental combat team was activated on February 1, 1943 at camp Shelby Mississippi, with the motto of “Go for Broke!”. Most of members composed by Japanese American volunteers from the internment camps, Hawaii, states outside of the west coast exclusion zone, and Japanese American soldiers who have ever been to the war in U.S would become the cadre for the new 442nd regimental. The 442nd arrived in Italy in June 1944 and the 100th battalion arrived at the same day. On August 2, 1944, the 100th battalion was formally reorganized as the 100th battalion, 442nd Infantry. Most of the war that the 442nd Infantry regimental combat team fought was in Italy, France, and Germany,

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