Positive Psychology vs Master Resilience Competencies

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Positive Psychology vs Master Resilience Competencies MSG Donnell Younger United States Army Sergeants Major Academy Class 63 SGM Joao Moto 17 January 2013 Abstract This research paper will compare and contrast the Army’s six Master Resiliency Training program’s (MRT) competencies, with six of the twenty-four Positive Psychology VIA survey Character Strengths. It then identifies how MRT and Positive Psychology are helping today’s Soldiers deal with the issues that are developing and ongoing due to almost eleven years of war. This paper discusses the importance of knowing ones top five character strengths, and the remaining twenty-character strengths, that the Army now uses to assist soldiers who may be experiencing challenges in their lives. The Comprehensive Soldier Fitness Program is the overarching program, which (MRT) falls under, and it comprises of the areas of Family, Spiritual, Social, Emotional and Physical. Together, with the University of Pennsylvania (UPENN), the Army is attempting to help resolve the issues that Soldiers face, and help them, as well as their family members, build resistance, become stronger, and bounce back from adversity. Positive Psychology vs Master Resilience Competencies Introduction Through almost eleven years of war, and numerous deployments to various locations in the world, the United States Military continues to identify thousands of problems with its Soldiers and their well-being. The Military denotes these problems in various categories, such as marital, physical, financial, and spiritual, but more importantly, the Army wants to understand how Soldiers deal with today’s challenges mentally. Suicides continue to rise in the Army, presumably because of the numerous deployments and long durations of time away from loved ones. Because of this, Soldiers are

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