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671ST ENGINEER COMPANY 117 North Road Fort Luckywood, NJ 54545 3RD PLATOON M4 CARBINE WEEKLY MAINTENANCE STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES (SOP) EN-XSE-3PL SOP#: M4(1) 16 December 2012 1. PURPOSE: To standardize weekly maintenance procedures for M4’s assigned to 3rd Platoon/671st EN CO. 2. APPLICABILITY: This SOP applies to all Soldiers assigned to or attached to 3rd Platoon/671st EN CO. 3. REFERENCES: a. TM 9–1005–319–10 b. Lubricate Order (LO) c. STP 21–1–SMCT d. DA PAM 738-750 e. DA PAM 738-751 4. RESPONSIBILITIES: a. The Platoon Sergeants schedules maintenance dates and times for squads and coordinates with Unit Armorer for weapons issue and turn in no later than 7 days out from desired date. b. The Squad Leaders informs Team Leaders of scheduled maintenance times and coordinates with Unit Supply representative to obtain sufficient cleaning and lubricating supplies. Squad leaders are to bring adequate amount of DA Form 2404’s for squad. Squad Leaders ensure that all squad M4s are cleaned during maintenance times to include M4’s of Soldiers not present for maintenance times. c. The Team Leaders are responsible for informing all team members of scheduled maintenance times, to include uniform and required materials. 5. PROCEDURES: a. Maintenance times: (1) Each squad will be designated a 2 hour time block to complete M4 maintenance. (2) Unit Arms Room is open daily from 0900 hrs to 1630 hrs. b. Prior to scheduled maintenance times: (3) Squad Leaders and three other designated squad members arrive to Unit Supply 30 minutes prior to scheduled maintenance times to sign for cleaning and lubricating supplies, empty magazines, reference

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