M2.01 Developing Yourelf as a Team Leader

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SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS – M2.01 DEVELOPING YOURELF AS A TEAM LEADER Candidate name Ryan Menzies Candidate registration number Understand the roles, functions and responsibilities of the team leader; and the limits of his/her authority and accountability 1. Briefly describe four responsibilities of a team leader (4 marks) • Organisation of your team and its workload. • Make sure performance is kept to a really high standard. • Monitoring the team's performance while helping their training and development, • Completing paperwork, handling complaints and delegating tasks. 2. Give two examples of problems that are usually outside the limits of a team leader’s authority to deal with (2 marks) • Dismissal of staff – Higher management must give authority. • Changing a current process – Adequate testing and authorisation from higher management will be needed. Know how to seek, accept and respond positively to feedback on personal performance to improve workplace performance 3. Obtain feedback from others on your own performance as a team leader/potential team leader and use this feedback to identify one strength and one area for improvement (2 marks) • Strength – I always give positive and constructive feedback to staff members regarding development areas, praising and building on their strengths whilst introducing improvement areas. • Weakness – On some occasions I allow the conversation to veer from the point, which can reduce the time I have to cover the main points of the meeting/coaching session. 4. Describe one thing that can be done to establish and maintain trust within a team (1 mark) • When a team accomplishes a project or task, don't steal the spot light. Also, recognize who excel, but make sure everyone is rewarded for a job well done. If you don't, your

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