Developing Yourself as a Team Leader

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------------------------------------------------- OUTLINE THE ROLE OF TEAM LEADER The role of the team leader can vary from one organisation to another. Therefore I have outlined the structure in my work place, ie PLANT MANAGER I TEAM LEADER I TEC I ______ I I PSO OPERATOR TEAM As the diagram shows, the Team Leader is vital for communication, passing information from senior management downwards and back up from the team underneath. Delegation is a key skill in team leading, recognising skills of individuals and allocating them to tasks, is something I do every day. Jobs are set by me at the start of the shift and reviewed throughout the course of the day. These tasks are further reviewed at 9 o’clock and 4 o’clock management meetings. As a Team Leader, I try to build a team ethic and lead from the front. I represent the team at other levels of the organisation and have a loyalty to the members. I try to recognise individual skills and develop them accordingly. It’s important that I share responsibility for the teams’ goals and targets. If during daily reviews I find these targets are not being achieved, I will muck in and provide physical support. Motivation is a key part of my role and achieving good performances from a set of different team members is a challenge. I’m experienced enough to recognise we are all motivated differently. I understand the value of body language and behaviour. It’s important to do as I do and not as I say. I’m open to ideas and contributions and never dismiss an idea, even if it seems implausible at first. I have faith in my team and what they can achieve. I was instrumental in building the team, so must also take responsibility for its strengths and weaknesses. I’m also

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