Love In Zora Neale Wiesel's Night '

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Veronica Scott February 12. 2009 Period 6 Theme: Love 1. Staci, who is deeply and irrevocably in love with Ian, augmented her Valentines gift of one box of chocolates to two. 2. While discussing Amanda’s boy toys, we accorded that Max was the one she should go on a date with on Valentines Day. 3. Mrs. Fremd, who was ambivalent and unsure, didn’t know where to take the love of her life to dinner. 4. While Jenna poured out her heart about her love for Hunter, Olivia tried to start a calumny that she was a whore. 5. Although Aaron is extremely and nauseatingly cliché, I love him to death. 6. My criterion for the perfect guy is tall, strong, and his name has to be Shaun Kornfeld. 7. Even though I heard some derogatory and juciy gossip

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