How Does Tom Use Power In The Great Gatsby

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Jeanette Lowery Part Two Mid-Term The Great Gatsby is a novel about love and obsession with wealth and power. This story begins in the 1920’s, where the American dream is being corrupted by the society of “have to haves” and the wealthy. We meet Daisy a flirtatious woman coming from money. Who has a hard decision to make? Live with Tom her husband who is a crude, cold-hearted, and power hungry man or run away with Jay Gatsby her former lover who has done everything in life to win her back. Tom Buchanan is Daisy husband that she married, Tom was football player in New Haven where he became somewhat of a God. Tom has overpowering personality he like to bully people with “gruff husky tenor voice”. (pg7) Tom has a racist outlook on life as evidence from his statements “the idea is if we don’t look out the white race will be—will be utterly submerged”. (pg13) We realize that Tom is not only a hypocrite, but a chauvinist as well “I may be old fashion in my ideas, but women run around too much these days to suit me. They meet all kinds of crazy fish”. (pg103) Coming from a man who has carried on affairs since the honeymoon. Tom behavior proves that he can say anything he wants “because I’m stronger and more of a man than you are” (1). As we read on Tom seems to like living the wealthy life…show more content…
Tom doesn’t seem to care that his affair hurts Daisy, he proves this by take Nick (Daisy cousin) to meet his mistress “I want you to meet my girl” (pg24). He seems to ignore Daisy throughout the book until he suspects Daisy is having an affair with Gatsby, and then he seems to come unglued. “I suppose the latest thing is to sit back and let Mr. Nobody from Nowhere make love to your wife” (pg130). Tom’s ego takes a hit when he finds out Gatsby wants something that is
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