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Mean girls/ Julius Caesar Comparative Essay In the movie Mean Girls by Tina Fey and the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare there are many motifs. I will be specifically looking at motifs of betrayal from both stories that illustrate the theme “you have to be careful who you trust”. In the movie Mean Girls the main character Cady becomes very good friends with Regina George. Later in the movie Regina lies to Cady by telling her that she is going to hook Cady up with a boy, when really, Regina is trying to get with that same boy. Another example of betrayal in the movie Mean Girls would be when Cady gets all of Regina’s good friends to turn against her. Another good example would be when Janis Ian gets mad at Cady because Cady starts to get sucked into the popularity, this also shows betrayal. These all are examples of betrayal that portray the theme “you have to be careful who you trust”. In the play Julius Caesar the character Cassius is plotting against the main character Julius Caesar. Caesar thinks Cassius is a good man and that he will not cause any trouble. This shows betrayal because later in the play Cassius fulfills his plans to murder Caesar. Another example of betrayal in the play Julius Caesar would be when Marcus Brutus decides to join Cassius. Marcus Brutus is a loyal Roman and a very good friend of Caesar. He believes that for the good of Rome Caesar must die. He believes this because; he thinks that no man should have that much power. Another example of betrayal would be when Antony tells Brutus that he wants to join the conspirators, when really he wants to revenge Caesars death. This shows betrayal because Antony made a promise to Brutus that he did not keep. All of the examples I have listed in the paragraphs above portray betrayal, a common motif. They all also portray the theme “you have to be careful who you trust”. In conclusion

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