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Burned “Would I ever find forever love? Do I really want to, when forever was a word without meaning.” (Hopkins Ellen, Burned) Pattyn is a young girl who lives in a Mormon family, her six younger siblings, a father who is abusive and an alcoholic, and a mother who thinks her job is to make babies; but not just any babies, a male baby to carry on the family name, but she seems to be cursed with only female. Pattyn believes there is no real love in the world that “love is only found in books” (Hopkins Ellen, Burned) for her whole life she has seen relationships build, and crumble in one way or another. This leads Pattyn to believe relationships and love could never last. We are told Pattyn use to have a stronger bond with her father…show more content…
At first Pattyn lashes out and is upset. It was just another reason to feel unloved by her father. But Pattyn begins to like it at her aunts; she finds love from her aunt a boy, Ethan, who seems to be her “forever love”. By the end of the summer Pattyn has to move back home. Ethan knows that Pattyn doesn’t have a very good home life so he gives her a gun, for self-defense. Once Pattyn is home she finds out that she has become pregnant over the summer. She decides to confide in her “friends” and all they end up doing is tell everyone, including Pattyn’s mother. Now the little relationship between Pattyn and you mom, is now lost. The only person she has left to turn to is Ethan. So she and Ethan make plans to run away with each other. The problem with the timing is it was now winter and the roads were bad, so when Ethan came to pick Pattyn up, a boy from school suspected something to be going on and he took down their licenses plate number and called the cops. On the chase they hit a patch of ice and were in an accident. Pattyn lost the baby and Ethan. Pattyn has now lost everyone that loved her and could have loved her. She was told God was love, but she says “God wasn’t love, couldn’t be love. Because for me love was a corpse” (Hopkins Ellen, Burned, 525). All Pattyn looked for was a lasting relationship and some love. By the end of the book Pattyn has given up the search and is

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