Heroism In The Great Gatsby

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The Greatest Gatz “Hero, a male character portrayed in a dramatic work” (Webster’s Dictionary) the word hero defines Gatsby in so many ways; Gatsby is the hero in The Great Gatsby. Gatsby will do anything to gain what he wishes, Gatsby has waited a very long time and now he must strike. A hero like Gatsby cannot get what he wants without help. Gatsby must gain trust and kindness from a person before he can complete what has started, and that someone is Nick. Gatsby needs Nick otherwise he cannot conquer the final land he still has not. This is the main topic that The Great Gatsby revolves around. Scott Fitzgerald has portrayed Gatsby as a hero he is and everyone believes he is. First thing about the heroism of Gatsby is that he has set…show more content…
Gatsby got his chances at Daisy and he took it even though he was nervous at first and so was Daisy but they had gotten used to each other once again. Finally Tom came to one of Gatsby’s parties in which Gatsby treated Tom like he was lower than all of the stars at his party Tom just couldn’t take it so he said “I’d a little rather not be the polo player, I’d rather look at all these famous people in oblivion”(112). Gatsby portrays Tom, as a polo player, which Tom thinks, is a low status, Tom believes he is the one who people should introduce themselves to. He must see all the actors and stars in oblivion which means that it must be his world he must see everyone as lower class compared to Tom He is Tom the Alpha-Male he wants his own attention, he is much better than all these famous actors and singers in his mind. Sometime after Tom and Daisy came to Gatsby’s party Gatsby was invited to Daisy’s house. This is the time when Tom became very uneasy he saw Gatsby and his wife Daisy hugging and kissing each other in his house. Tom decided that they should all go to town because he was very, very disturbed. Tom and everyone finally stopped a hotel and then Tom started pointing at Gatsby saying he knows what he’s trying to do steal Daisy. Then Gatsby tried to force Daisy to say “Just tell him the truth-that you never loved him-and its all wiped out forever”(139). Gatsby…show more content…
Daisy had enough of Tom and Gatsby arguing so her and Gatsby ran off to the car and Daisy drove she was filled with grief. Because of this sadness she is not paying attention to the road and she runs over Myrtle on accident. She does not stop even after this she just keeps driving off. Finally she got to Gatsby’s house and also Nick makes it home as well. Nick says, “Was Daisy Driving” then Gatsby says “Yes, but of course I’ll say I was”(151). Gatsby tells Nick that he would do everything to save Daisy even though it will probably get him killed. Gatsby is a great hero because of this he saved the damsel in distress even though she did not really deserve it he will be thanked at some point in time sadly. Gatsby will not do anything to put Daisy in danger that’s why he took the fall. Gatsby also tries to save Daisy at some point from trying to stop daisy but she was so full of grief she did not stop or turn Gatsby had said “Anyhow-Daisy stepped on it. I tried to make her stop but she couldn’t”(151). Gatsby tried to make her stop before they ran over Myrtle so they could save so much pain even after Gatsby felt sorry for Daisy. He stayed with her until she was safe from harm this is another heroic deed he deed he did he tried to save Myrtle and also Daisy. Gatsby is the greatest hero in the book Tom is nothing compared to Gatsby even though Tom took over Gatsby’s

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